Cottage by Fountains Bridge

A cottage just outside of the entrance to Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire

Just by the entrance of Fountains Abbey, stands Fountains Bridge  on Fountains Lane… And on that road stands this wonderful and quaint English cottage.  It is breathtakingly beautiful and believe it or not that road had a sharp right-hand turn that leads up to the Aldfield.  The entrance is just up from that gate on the bottom right-hand and there is a disabled car-park before you go over Fountains Bridge.

I wanted to try something different, a new piece of software, so I thought I would download ON1 Raw 2018 and give that a spin.  I downloaded the 30-day free trial and will be using it for free for the next 30 days before I decided whether to purchase the software or not.  I already own On1 Photo.. so perhaps I might get an upgrade deal.. Who Knows.

Now one thing that ON1 does come with is a Digital Asset Management system that catalogues your images.  Unlike Luminar (who have promised a DAM for months and there is no sight or sound of it materialising).  You can use ON1 Raw via a Lightroom/Photoshop Plugin or you can access your images directly by using  ON1 Raw Browse as a standalone program.  Which, by the way, is very similar to Adobe Bridge.

On1 Raw is full of Presets and Filters and again gives you the opportunity to save your edits as a preset for future use.  With the system requirements, I was wondering whether this old laptop would struggle.  It did lag at times. but nowhere near as I thought it would.  In fact, processing in ON1 Raw seemed to be quicker and not so lagging as Lightroom seems at times.

Also by the side of the cottage was a black car and ON1 Raw managed to remove the car with no problems.  Better than Lightroom does! So for removing objects, I would say ON1 Raw is on par with Luminar.

My first impressions are favourable towards the software.  And I am quite surprised at how good the presets and filters are.

Until next time… have a great day xx

2 responses to “Cottage by Fountains Bridge”

  1. Lovely cottage! Enjoy working with the software. 😉


    1. Thank you xx do you use it?


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