Quick Tip – Water or Cloud Smoothing


Without cloud or water smoothing

A quick tip I picked up ages ago from Anthony Fields on Facebook, was one about how to smooth out water and add a sheen to water in Lightroom.

Water smoothingYou can use any of the tools in the develop module but I have found more success with either the graduated filter or adjustment brush.  The tip is this take the clarity slider in Lightroom to -100 and increase the noise slider to +100 and with auto-mask enabled paint over the areas you want to be smoothed out.

If by chance auto-mask did go over the areas that you didn’t want the effect on.. then use the brush to erase the effect from those areas.

You will be surprised at what effect this tip has on your images.

In the following image, I have slightly over-done the effect so you can see how well this tip smooths out water and adds a sheen to it.  As well as adding the effect to the clouds.

A monochrome photograph of a pier along the South Coast of England.

The reason I used this tip on this particular photo is that I wanted the pier to stand out and before sharp-looking against the clouds and water.

I hope you find this quick tip helpful and of benefit to you in your processing of images.  Until the next quick tip… happy snapping!!!!




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