Critiquing your own image

Must be one of the hardest things to do… I know I have found it hard.  Well, let’s start at the beginning. You all know I had a hard-drive failure and one of the images I lost was one I processed in Topaz Studio and Luminar of boats at Folkestone Harbour.


Before Critique

As much as I liked the image, firstly the composition was wrong.. the horizon was practically dead centre and that is a definite no-no in composition.  So I set about putting the image into photoshop and have highlighted the areas I didn’t like



  1. The sky… it was totally the wrong colour.. it was far too purple and to be honest there was far too much of it.  Plus the fact that the birds in the sky were far to faded.
  2. The boats … Well they were too soft and though I wanted to have a soft looking image.. the boats didn’t look right and had the same tone as the birds.
  3. The water … I didn’t like it.. it was too rough looking and didn’t tone in with the sky.
  4. The sunset… There was something wrong with it.. even though I couldn’t put my finger on it.. to me it just didn’t look right.

So after taking all these points into consideration, I reworked the image and here is the final image.


I just love the newly reworked version… perhaps it’s simply because of the sky colour change, I don’t know.  But after those modifications, I think the image has more depth.



Your comments are greatly appreciated

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