Flower of the day – 22nd August 2018

Flower of High Elms
A purple flower taken at High Elms Country Park near Bromley

For today’s flower of the day hosted by Cee Neuner, I thought I would submit this purple flower which was photographed at High Elms Country Park near Bromley.

Anyway.. back to my hard-drive failure… it seems I only lost about 53 images… which were mainly PSD’s.. however… I’ve learnt my lesson. Back Up, Back Up and Back Up again.

Well there I was searching for cloud storage when Amazon Photos showed up in my search.  By all accounts as I am a Prime Member I can upload as many photos as I want and up to 10gb of videos… Result..

Now I have a lagging laptop, trying to upload my whole collection to Amazon Photo… but it will be worth it in the end.


4 responses to “Flower of the day – 22nd August 2018”

  1. Andrea R Huelsenbeck avatar
    Andrea R Huelsenbeck

    Thanks for the reminder about Amazon Prime photo storage. I’ve been meaning to take advantage of that…


    1. You are more than welcome… I wouldn’t want this to happen to anybody… I was lucky it was mainly PSD’s I lost.. I am backing everything up to Prime and making sure I have smart previews in Lightroom. That way if by chance I do lose a PSD, if I have a smart Preview I can create a dng export of that file.


  2. Thanks for the info re Amazon Photos – I did not know that Prime members had this perk. Backing up is important – I have a service which does it automatically monthly. In February, I lost all my cell phone photos that I took in Africa because for some reason they did not automatically upload to the Google cloud as they usually do. (I lost my cellphone in Tanzania and didn’t find out about the photos not uploaded until I got home.) Fortunately, my best photos were taken with my regular camera, but still…I feel your pain!


    1. I didn’t know until yesterday.. I just thought it was the usual 5-10gb … it wasn’t until I Googled did I find the info about it. Videos are classed as part of your 10gb.. but you can store unlimited photos if you are a Prime Member.


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