A photo a week – Street lights

Westminster Bridge
A photograph of Westminster Bridge, with a moonlit sky added in Photoshop.

For this week’s challenge set by Nancy Merrill entitled A photo a week – Street lights, I thought I would do a composition of an image I took of Westminster Bridge in London.  The original photograph was shot in daylight, so I played around with the lighting and colour tones until I got a night time feel.  I then added light to the lamps and then enhanced the sky by adding a moonlit sky.

10 thoughts on “A photo a week – Street lights

  1. Love the photo….not necessarily the memory…although we have a chuckle now. Our first full day in London, two years ago, I turned to take a photo of Ben, My Good Wife headed off across the bridge thinking I was following. By the time photo taken no sign of MGW. Got to a stage I was wondering what I would say to the in-laws…’I lost your daughter first morning sightseeing…’ did not seem to cut it.

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    1. It is so easy to get lost there or lose someone in the crowd…. the times I have lost the other half… especially when on the underground… 😀 😀 😀 I am like your GW… I wonder off 😀 😀 😀 Mind you that is nothing… he has this tendency to wander off in shops… Thank god for mobile phones…. I ring and ask him what aisle he wandered off to.


    1. Thank you … I keep meaning to go back to London… however, cos he works in London.. he doesn’t want to visit on his spare time.. Perhaps I will take myself up there on my own and meet him from work..


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