Penshurst Place

Carrying on from Matt’s Luminosity Colouring in Photoshop… I thought I would try this technique on a set of images which I turned into a panoramic shot of Penshurst Place.  Oh boy, can you play around with the colours, using Matt’s tutorial!

Penshurst Place
A photograph of Penshurst Place edited in Photoshop and Luminar

The sky was bland, there was little detail there, but by using this technique I managed to add some colour as well as a gradient overlay to the sky.

Removing Elements from main image with Luminar

Penshurst PlaceNow whilst in Photoshop I did manage to remove a couple of people who were standing by the actual castle.. using the clone stamp tool and patch tool.  However, as you can see from the image on the right, there were people standing within the arches.  I tried to remove them in Photoshop without much success.

As I wanted to process this image in Luminar 2018, I wondered if the Luminar Erase tool would be a better tool to use.  I wasn’t holding my luck out too much for a successful erasure of these people in Luminar, but was I impressed with the result.  I just painted over the people and pressed erase and that was it.   They were removed and the image filled in with the content of arches.. without me having to clean it up in Photoshop.

I have removed a couple of  little things before in Luminar but never nothing that left such little detail for the software to work on.  I was totally astounded by how well Luminar managed to remove the people and fill in the gaps with content-aware.

Once I had finished in Luminar, it was back into Photoshop where I saved the image and then imported it back into Lightroom where I added a black and white Preset.

Penshurst Place
A photograph of Penshurst Place edited in Photoshop, Luminar 2018 and Lightroom 

As well as a coloured Preset

Penshurst Place
A photograph of Penshurst Place edited in Photoshop, Luminar and Lightroom

However out of the two images I do prefer the black and white version.

So if you have Luminar 2018 and you want items removed from your image… give it a try.  Believe me it was a whole lot easier than doing it in Photoshop.

If you don’t have Luminar 2018 and wish to purchase it.. just click on the three little lines next to the word Sidebar, scroll down,  and purchase it through my affiliate link within the sidebar.

Happy snapping everyone xx



2 thoughts on “Penshurst Place

    1. I know, I just couldn’t believe it. There was so little left once I highlighted the people I thought ‘This won’t work’ and it did.


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