A photo a week challenge – Attitude

Miss Haversham
A photograph of one of the people at the Dickensian Christmas dressed as Miss Haversham.

For Nancy Merrill’s Photo for the week challenge called attitude, I have choosen a picture I took at Dickensian Christmas back in 2013 of Miss Haversham.  The attitude of Miss Haversham’s relatives was one of not caring and only wanting her for her money.

Miss Haversham who was a victim of her lover’s greed, who robbed and deserted her, shows the scars etched into her face.  She knows by having money it doesn’t guarantee you anything, especially when it comes to avoiding unhappiness and greed of others.

Her attitude with regards to her life was to become a recluse and hide away from the outer world as much as she possibly could even if it meant her liviing in isolation and solitude.


  1. When I’ve read Great Expectations, I have a hard time fluctuating between feeling pity for Miss Havisham and feeling anger towards her for doing the same thing to Pip that had happened to her just to satisfy her anger and revenge. Pip will be fine, but Estella will not. Wonderful photo! You captured her perfectly. Thanks for joining the challenge!


    1. Yes she became bitter and twisted but it was the fate the bestowed her that made her do the things she did. I tell you what.. my son when little when he saw her in the High Street was rather scared of her.

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