Luminosity colouring in Photoshop by Matt Kloskowski

Today I was reading a blog post by Matt Kloskowski on luminosity colouring in Photoshop.  Anyway here is the video from Matt explaining how it is done.

So for my example I used the image below.

Loch Leven

By using the Colour Range tool I selected certain elements of the image and followed the instructions by Matt in the video.  I did this by using various layers and I even added a gradient to part of the sky.

Loch leven - luminosity colouring

The active photo shows the areas I targeted using the luminosity colouring.  I only made subtle changes but this is one technique that I will be exploring further.

Loch Leven
Final image after luminosity colouring in photoshop.

I highly recommend visiting Matt on his website where he has many free tips and tutorials,  as well as  courses you can purchase for a reasonable price.  You can also subscribe to his YouTube Channel.   I do find Matt’s tips and tutorials, easy to understand and a great benefit to learning both Photoshop and Lightroom.  I have learnt a lot from Matt and it was Matt who actually reduced my fear of Photoshop.

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