Redwoods of Bedgebury Pinetum

Giant Redwoods
A photograph of the redwoods at Bedgebury Pinetum in Goudhurst Kent.

We were going through a lot of house renovation over the last few months… and our cameras were gathering dust.  Anyway to cut a long story short… we are finished renovating.. the last bit being done Monday and Tuesday with the fascia and soffits being done.

So Sunday came and we decided that was it… time to dust off those cameras, charge their batteries and hit the road again.

Now where do we go?

Well I didn’t have a clue until my Microsoft Store decided to update Sticky Notes and up popped a sticky of places to visit.  I must have created one way back last year and totally forgot about it.

Anyway Bedgebury National Pinetum as on the list.  So that is where we headed on Sunday morning… before the heat of the day came.

Redwoods of Bedgebury Pinetum
A photograph of the redwoods at Bedgebury Pinetum in Goudhurst Kent.

I would’ve never imagined that we had such beautiful redwoods here in the South East.  Redwoods are a species that I primarily associate with the USA or Canada..  I just couldn’t believe how tall they were and how they dominated the landscape. To me they were beautiful and it made Bedgebury National Pinetum a place that I would definitely visit again.


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