Photo For the Week – 1 – Hydrangea


Pink Hydrangea
A photograph of a pink hydrangea taken at Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex

What with WordPress pulling the plug on their weekly photo challenges and daily prompts, I thought I might start a little challenge going, where you either post a photography or write a post if you wish, about your favourite flower.

The above photograph was processed in Lightroom and to get the lighting effect I wanted I used a lot of radial filters to highlight the parts of the flower that I wanted to pop.

Photo for the Week

Join the Challenge

If you wish to participate in the weekly challenge, please feel free…  my weekly post will be published at 8am every Monday, (bit late for this week I know but the idea only came to my head this morning and I’m only a day late.. so I will forgive myself).  The challenge will be called Photo for the Week# (representing the number) – Photo Name (optional), and here are the instructions for entering:

  1. Publish a post on your blog.
  2. Use the tags PFTW  or Photo for the Week
  3. Create a pingback to the relevant week.
  4. Post a comment below and I will comment on your blog.
  5. Follow Ryan Photography so you don’t miss out on the weekly challenges.

It doesn’t matter what your photograph is, this is purely for fun and to get to know other bloggers and find new photography blogs.

If you wish to participate in a daily floral challenge Cee Neuner runs various challenges including Flower of the Day. Pop on over to her blog and have a look.  She also has a list of other Challenges that take place should you be missing he WordPress Weekly Photo Challenges.

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