Green Pasture of Ashenbank

Green pastures
A photograph of Ashenbank Woods taken in May 2018.

What with real-life things, some sad and some good, my inspiration for blogging and processing our images has diminished.  I kept thinking I need to do some photographs for our blog… but never felt mentally capable of doing. I seemed to loose my inspiration and would stare aimlessly at images and then shut the laptop down and go and do something else.

Anyway to cut a long story short, what with the new GDPR ruling and all the new policy regulations plus the cost of hosting.. I thought well that is it I’m going back to for my blog.

So there has been major upheaval transferring stuff from my self-hosted to this blog but I am there (hopefully)!!

So if you did manage to start following my old site after WordPress transferred by stats and followers.. please could you now follow this blog.  I promise this is the last move…

Somehow, whilst doing this transfer.. my inspiration for editing came creeping back… I can’t promise my readers I’ll post on a regular basis… but I will try to blog often… even it is just posting an image I’ve processed.

The above photograph was taken at Ashenbank Woods and was processed in Lightroom and Topaz Studio.

Oh and just one more thing… I have just found out that the WordPress Photo Challenge has now been stopped, so if anyone knows of any blogs that are hosting weekly challenges.. please could you post a link so I can take a link and hopefully contribute to the challenges

Have a relaxing Sunday everyone… until next time … happy blogging and snapping!!!


3 responses to “Green Pasture of Ashenbank”

  1. I felt lost after the Weekly Photo Challenge ended. But is a good place to start and Shelley justbposted this


    1. Thank you for those links… for quite a few months, I have been busy with real-life and it was an utter shock when I went to do some challenges the other day and they had been stopped. I will bookmark those links.. I have entered into Cee’s challenges before and will endeavour to enter into more challenges.

      I know Leanne Cole runs one every week called Monochrome Madness if you’d like to enter that … and I will definitely be putting entries into that blog… The instructions to enter are at the bottom if you are interested… and next week’s theme is called Seasons..

      Again many thanks for those links..


  2. […] in July I did a photograph of Ashenbank Woods, in Lightroom and Topaz Studio.. and today I thought I would rework the image using Lightroom and […]

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