A walk in the woods at Shorne

Shorne Country Park
A photograph taken of the dog pond in the rear at Shorne Country Park in Kent.

This morning, hubby decided to check when his car’s MOT is and as he now gets the train to and fro work, his car has been sitting, on the drive.  We knew the MOT was July sometime but the exact date… well we had no chance of remembering that.

Anyway he wanted to give his car a little run… but didn’t want to go too far in it.. so I suggested we had a little wander around Shorne Country Park… well it was a little wander for me 😀 😀

Anyway taking a slow walk and plenty of rest stops we came to the dog pond… and the dogs were thoroughly enjoyed being cooled off in this heat.  Some wanted to swim, some just wanted to paddle.. but we found the perfect friend for our Dumps… a border collie who did nothing but moan about being in the water…  😀 😀

The above photograph was processed in both Lightroom and Luminar 2018…  have a great Sunday everyone… until next time… Eat, Drink and be Merry …

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