Lightroom CC on laptop/desktop

Oil Paint of Ashehank Woods

Oil Paint of Ashehank Woods
Oil Painting of Ashenhank Woods

I have been a stark advocate of Lightroom Classic, and would use Lightroom Mobile now and again on my phone or tablet.  But when it came to processing a photograph in Lightroom CC on my desktop or laptop… well it never happened.  Since downloading the software to my desktop and laptop I don’t think I’ve even opened it yet alone considered using it.

Well today it all changed… I read a post and watched the video on Scott Kelby’s Lightroom Killer Tips Blog about syncing your Lightroom Classic Presets with Lightroom CC and boy am I glad I did… it makes using Lightroom CC on my Tablet far more appealing now I can use my own Presets.

The basic presets that came with Lightroom CC were not the sort of presets I would use… but now I have transferred the Presets that I constantly use in Lightroom Classic to Lightroom CC… I can see me using my Tablet more and more for Photo Editing.

And another bonus I found was that you can edit a Photo in Lightroom CC on your Desktop/Laptop in Photoshop… WOW!!!  And if you want to go back to Lightroom Classic … it is automatically imported back to Classic and will appear in your Lightroom Mobile Folder.

One thing I did find with Lightroom CC, it wasn’t as clunky and slow to use as Lightroom Classic is at times… which, of course,  is another bonus.  It is like a lightweight-version of Classic without all the bells and whistles and I can see this is the new way forward for Lightroom.

The above photograph of Ashenhank Woods was created with first given one of my usual Presets in Lightroom CC and then edited in Photoshop to add a Luminar Filter as well as hue and saturation, oil paint  and photo filter layers.  All those steps were without even having to open Lightroom Classic.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Posted as Part of Changing Focus Blogging Challenge – Pathways.


3 responses to “Lightroom CC on laptop/desktop”

  1. Yeah! I agree. I still use mostly LR classic.

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    1. I do too, mainly because you can’t sync keywords, and colour labels with Lightroom CC… I am, however, pleased that you can sync your Presets which makes things easier so you don’t have to lag a laptop on your travels and can do a vast amount of processing from a tablet.


  2. […] and Ashley Ryan of Brashley Photography offered an mesmerizing pathway through Ashenhank Woods (which I think might actually be called “Ashenbank” Woods). I’d like to take a […]

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