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One of the challenges in the WordPress Photo Challenge that has been held was on the topic of Lines.  Lines can be straight, crooked, angular and are found everywhere.  So to achieve this challenge I used a photograph taken over this Bank Holiday Weekend, went we went for a short stroll around Ashenbank Woods.

To be honest, I was hoping to see more bluebells than I did.. because this is what we went to photograph originally, but I was rather disappointed with the amount of bluebells we did see.  Whether it was the location we walked around Ashenbank Woods in Cobham I don’t know, but there wasn’t the vast amount of bluebells that I had seen in previous years in these woods.

However on saying that, it was nice to walk around in the sunshine and we were greeted by various dogs on their walks.  Here in the UK we have had the early May bank holiday and in the South East of England the weather has been glorious… basking hot temperatures, wall to wall blue skies and the smell of plenty of barbecues being cooked.

I am so pleased we decided to have a break from the traditional DIY on Bank Holidays.. something that we Brits are renowned for back here in the UK… DIY projects on holiday weekends.

And by chance I do have some nice photos to work with… the only thing is I couldn’t use my camera, it is getting a little to heavy for my arthritic hands… so I might have to invest in a point and shoot camera.  The above photograph was taken with my Samsung S7 and I do have to say, that phone does have a nice little camera on it.  So do I just upgrade my phone with a decent camera on it.. or do I go for the point and shoot camera?  Decisions, decisions, I think I will see if the new Huawei P20 Pro as reviewed on another site.

I will keep you all update and I hope everyone enjoyed the weather and their bank holidays weekend… I know I did.



6 responses to “Lines WordPress Photo Challenge”

  1. Wonderful photos. We don’t have Bank Holidays in America but I have been on vacation since May 1st. The weather in New York city has been glorious! In the upper 70s and low 80s temperatures. Sunny and clear. Spent time with my brother Stephen for his birthday on May 3rd. I was also been able to get great photos of the Cherry Blossom Trees.
    Cherry Blossom season is fabulous.


    1. Oh I love photographs of Cherry Blossom… unfortunately the blossom season was short-lived where I live… the trees were in blossom for a little while… we have had such weird weather here in the UK during what should have spring season and it has played havoc with spring flowers and blossoms. Hope you are enjoying your vacation… that is the sort of temperatures we are having here.. today is over 28 degree Celsius today.


  2. elmdriveimages avatar

    Great work, Bren. Really NEAT lighting!


    1. Thank you very much xx


  3. Glorious images! Oh how I enjoyed this post and then some! Thank you. 👏👏👏


    1. Thank you very much xx


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