Favourite Place WordPress Photo Challenge

A photograph taken at Ashenbank Woods at Cobham near Rochester in Kent on a spring morning.

I have to say that the topic this week for the WordPress Photo Challenge  called Favourite Place has me thinking of a place that is close to where I live.. called Ashenbank Bank Woods near Cobham in Kent.

Just a few minutes drive from us is this wondrous place which brings nature to our doorstep.  During the bluebell season, this place is amass with vibrant, rich-toned bluebells.  

Ashenbank woods covered in bluebells with the trees in blossom.

These woods are my favourite place to visit.  Just wondering through the glades brings you a sense of feeling glad to be alive.  I could spend hours just wondering through this woodland.

Talking Point - Lightroom Presets

I just can’t wait for spring to arrive and the flowers start to bloom… but the way the weather is looking this weekend and over Easter it might be a while before I get that chance to stroll this beautiful woodland.

You can view more photographs from Ashenbank Woods by visiting our Portfolio Page.  And should you be travelling near the area and want a beautiful walk then just turn off of the A2 at Cobham and head towards Cobham and Ashenbank Woods are on the right.  There is plenty of parking and you to could be viewing some of the most spectacular countryside that Kent has to offer, where bluebell are in abundance.



4 responses to “Favourite Place WordPress Photo Challenge”

  1. elmdriveimages avatar

    Fine work, Bren/Ashley. Your insight and attention to, Lightroom and Topaz, are always appreciated.


    1. Thank you very much for you lovely comment… greatly appreciated.


  2. Hi Bren, nice work! Have you recently been to the woods? I wonder whether the bluebells are in bloom 🙂


    1. Haven’t been yet.. but a friend who walks her DoD everyday up there will let me know when they are starting to bloom xx. So I’ll post up when I get the nod xx


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