Out of this world WordPress Photo Challenge

Through the glade
A photograph taken in Spring 2017 of the Ashenbank Woods, near Cobham in Kent,

Oh my this week’s challenge has me thinking of Spring… something that is Out of This World is the topic of this week’s challenge and there is nothing like a walk in the woods to take you away from the troubles of the world.

So for me.. after last week’s bitterly cold days and being snowed in… it has to be a walk in the woods on a warm spring day. Seeing the sun glisten through the tree tops and the woodland that once stood so bleak and bare springing back into life.

You just can’t beat those days especially during the bluebell season and Ashenbank Woods along with Cobham Woods have the most glorious bluebell displays I have ever seen.


On another note well I have been trying something new…. to be honest I am a bit fed up with Facebook and all the dramas that it holds. Some people just love airing their dirty laundry for Facebook readers to pick upon.. and seeing photographs are getting few and far between. So I am trying Vero.. yes there is a lot of people out there running the hashtag on Twitter #deletevero, due to who runs the software platform etc… but I am liking it. It is full of photographs and refreshing photographers who excel in their images. Of course it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I quite like using this App which is available for both Android and iPhone.

Now the only thing is …. getting your images from Lightroom to Vero because there is no plugin available at the moment… but that is easily overcome… by creating a Vero Collection and syncing it with Lightroom CC (formerly Lightroom Mobile)… then you can share you images from Lightroom CC on your phone to Vero.

I have tried to download the Vero App to my Galaxy S2 Tab but it says my device is incompatible… but I am sure if Vero takes off… it won’t be long be they support tablets in their apps. I can remember the days when Lightroom Mobile was supported on Tablets but now it is.

You can find me on Vero under my names of Bren Ryan should you wish to follow me.


Your comments are greatly appreciated

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