Growth WordPress Photo Challenge

Well last year just seemed to fly by… and our photography took a back seat… now we are in 2018 and we are determined to get our photography back on track.  So for me with the WordPress Photo Challenge the topic of Growth has two meanings for me.

Firstly growing our photography portfolio and getting back out on the beaten track.  That is, if I can remember to operate my camera.

And the other meaning that growth holds dear to me… is Spring.  I absolutely adore spring.  Spring is when you start to awaken from the deep cold winter and start to see new leaves on trees and the first flowers of Spring.

My first photograph highlighting Spring and Growth was taken at Hole Park in Rolvenden, Kent.

Woodland View
A view of the woodland at Hole Park in Rolvenden Kent.

The colours of the leaves on the trees are vivid and the trees are starting to get their full leaves… and Spring is in the air…  Now I love cold frosty mornings, and of course snow… but rain and wind.. well the weatherman can basically stick that.. I don’t do rain… everything looks dismal and there is gloom in the air.  So Spring is an ideal time for me… still having morning frosts and the spring flowers blooming.

My second photograph is of Spring’s favourite flower …. the Tulip.  These tulips were photographed at Merriments Gardens in East Sussex.

Tulips …. from Merriements Gardens.

Another place that I intend to revisit this year is Dixter House and Gardens, because they truly do have splendid displays of tulips. Their flower beds, the last time we visited, were full of tulips, in various colours and varieties.  The colours and displays were breath-taking and Dixter House and Gardens is a beautiful place to walk around.

And well worthy of another visit.  Also the drive down to Dixter House is beautiful as you travel through the Kent and Sussex Countryside.


2 responses to “Growth WordPress Photo Challenge”

  1. elmdriveimages avatar

    As always, your work in spot on. Glad you’re back in the saddle!


    1. Yes real life took over last year… back we are determined to get back on the beaten track and photograph more places.


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