Luminar 2018 Trial and what a Transformation

I have been really busy lately with real-life events, yet again!  And that means my photography has had to take a back burner seat, much to my disapproval, but hey-ho, we can’t have it always.  Anyway today I decided to get my laptop out and boy what with Windows Updates and Software Updates it hasn’t been until this evening that I have got around to trialling Luminar 2018, by Macphun who are now becoming Sklylum.

All change ahead!

So which image do I use to try Luminar 2018 on… well it had to be one I took at Hole Park earlier on this year.  On My God this image was taken in April and we are already heading into Yuletide.  Where has all those months gone?

Treet At Hole Park
A photograph of an old tree with the grounds of Hole Park

I already love their Aurora HDR Software and I wanted to see what I could do with this image in Luminar and the first thing I wanted to do was add a sun ray… and what I love about the Sun Ray Filter is that you can change the colour, the number of bursts, the intensity, and so much more.  I found the flexibility of the sun-ray filter brilliant.  And what I loved about it.. it seemed to mask out the filter where it should be masked out and it was so easy to play around with the sliders until you go the effect you wanted.

Old Tree
A photograph of an old tree with the grounds of Hole Park

I also played around with the hue of the leaves and added a couple of other filters to enhance the image.  I just loved what the software did to my image.. and at only £64 (Black Friday deal) I might be finding that before long, I will be purchasing this software.

Here is another image that I played around with… this one was taken at Sheffield Park Gardens back in September.

An Old Tree
A tree by the lake at Sheffield Park Gardens

Another image that I processed from Sheffield Park Gardens using Luminar is of a gravel path with trees and shrubs surrounding the walkway.  As there was such a transformation I thought I would enter this image into the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge called Transformation.

Sheffield Park Gardens
A photograph of a red leaved tree at Sheffield Park Gardens, processed in Lightroom and Luminar.

Another video I found interesting about using Luminar is this one giving you 10 reasons to upgrade and use Luminar.

Until next time… happy snapping.!!


6 responses to “Luminar 2018 Trial and what a Transformation”

  1. I love LUMINAR 2018. Your images are great.


    1. Oh I love it too Helen…. and to be honest I am seriously considering whether I will need Lightroom in the future, especially if Luminar include a file management system. I don’t mind paying Adobe but sometimes Lightroom is so sluggish it drives me insane.


  2. Beautifully captured, the light, the mood and the images. Loved them all.


    1. Thank you very much xx


  3. […] have removed a couple of  little things before in Luminar but never nothing that left such little detail for the software to work on.  I was totally […]


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