Rounded WordPress Photo Challenge

Finally I am getting there… I have am catching up with the WordPress Photo Challenges I have missed.. and boy was there a few.  The final topic, which was last week’s topic was called Rounded.  Objects which are rounded and have curves within their structure are all around us, whether it be flowers or architecture.

For instance, on a trip to South-on-Sea late at night you can clearly see the rounded not just in the water jets but in the water itself.

Water Fountain
Photograph of the illuminated water jets along the seafront at Southen-on-Sea

As you can see there is even a curve in the water as it falls back to ground.  Originally I thought this topic might be hard to fill… which it wasn’t.  However, one thing this topic did was to make me look deeper into photographs.  To look at the lines, the curves and the angles that the subject makes.

Another photograph that I love which has curves to it.. is a favourite place of mine called The Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts
The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California.

You see the curves of the arches and even the lake has a natural curve to the water line.

The curves are more clear in this photograph of Taiko drumming which was taken as a festival in Sandwich, Kent.

Taiko Drumming
A photograph of Taiko drummers at Sandwich in Kent.

You can see the curves and rounded edges of the drums…  Rounded edges are everywhere.. you just have to look deeper into an image to find them.  Believe it or not even Tulips have rounded edges to their petals.

A photograph of tulips with their curved petals.

The photograph of the tulips were taken at Merriments Gardens in East Sussex during spring.

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