Layered WordPress Photo Challenge

Layered is the subject for this week’s photo challenge curated by WordPress.  And there is nothing like the layers of branches on a tree full of red coloured leaves like this one at Sheffield Park Gardens, taken only last week.

A photograph of an acer tree and seat by the lake at Sheffield Park Gardens

Sheffield Park Gardens is one of my favourite places to visit.. I love autumn colours, and wandering around the lakes.

A photograph of the lake at Sheffield Park Gardens in East Sussex.

When we arrived last week, the autumn colours were just starting to show.. and believe me that place is buzzing with people at weekends, especially when the trees show their true autumn colours.  It is spectacular.

A photograph of the lake at Sheffield Park Gardens in East Sussex.

There are plenty of resting places to catch your breath… each having a glorious view… strolling around those gardens, watching the wildlife is pure heaven.  It is so peaceful and tranquil.. especially when visitor numbers are low.

And this photograph is my first one taken in my street photography project…  using my Galaxy S7 I managed to pluck up the courage to take this photograph.  What I love about it is this gentleman is doing what everybody does whilst crossing that little bridge – rest on the railings and admire the wonderful view.

A photograph of one of the visitors at Sheffield Park Gardens admiring the view.

If you are looking for somewhere to visit and you live in the South East of England, believe me a trip in Autumn to Sheffield Park Gardens is absolutely astounding for autumn colours and I would highly recommend visiting this wonderful National Trust Location.  Situated in East Sussex it has to be one of the most beautiful locations I have ever visited.

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