Waiting WordPress Photo Challenge

Honestly, that was me yesterday… Waiting to get some peace and an afternoon nap…  You see the day started out with a loose kitchen tap… yes it needed tightening up and I got a phone call from hubby saying, ‘If you clear the under-sink cupboard out and find the monobloc spanners, which are in the under-stairs cupboard, I’ll tighten that tap up when I get in.’

Great.. at least I won’t have the worry of one tap being loose.  Anyway I cleared the cupboard out.. and then went to find the spanners in the cupboard.  Well in that cupboard is a rubber duck… with no head of course, because little sis had chewed its head off when her big brother wasn’t around … which is Stewie’s favourite toy.  And as I was looking for the spanners it squeaked and I knocked it off of the shelf.

Boy was that dog quick.. he was there getting his duck.  Which then set little sis off… because she wanted the duck as well… and he won’t part with his duck… In fact the last time he played with his duck he walked around for about 3 days with his duck in his mouth.. so she didn’t get it.

Anyway in the afternoon I decided to have a lie on the sofa and was about to watch a film, with intentions of having an afternoon nap during the film, when my boy jumped on the sofa on top of me with his duck in his mouth.

Stewie with his best friend .. the duck

He was so tired and wanted to sleep so much… but he knew if he fell asleep little sis would be there and running off with his duck… so it was jump on mum… let her save me and my duck and we can all sleep together.  I did the best I could but little sis knew where I was hiding the duck…

And no way was my little boy going to move… or even attempt to have an afternoon nap with his mother all the time his duck was in peril.

So there he stayed laying on top of me.. with me protecting his duck from little sis.  Needless to say, I never got to watch the movie .. and there I was trapped under my little boy waiting for him to move so I could have my movie on and my afternoon nap..

Eventually when they needed a toilet break.. to regain sanity in the house… duck went back to the cupboard.

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