Structure WordPress Photo Challenge

Here we are again with another WordPress Photo Challenge and this week’s theme is Structure. Structure is all around us and as a photographer I do love to capture the structure of buildings.  Whether they may be.

And for me this challenge leads on from last week’s challenge of Corner, where I posted a photograph of the Palace of Fine Arts which is in the Marina district of San Francisco, USA.  For this week’s challenge theme of structure again is another photograph of the Palace of Fine Arts, where you can see the structure of columns as they hold up the lintels which have intricate mouldings to them.

Palace of Fine Arts
The columns at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Keeping with the theme of architecture, here is a photograph of Rochester Bridge in Kent (my home town), with its Iron and concrete structure.  There has always been a bridge at Rochester, dating back to the medieval times, however a Victorian cast Iron bridge was opened in 1856.

After collisions with the bridge and it being in need of repair in 1910 after several designs for submitted for consultation, the decision was made that the roadway would be raised and that they would  suspend it from bowstring trusses above, instead of supporting it on the arches below.  In 1914 the new bridge, which is now called the Old Bridge, opened to traffic.

Rochester Bridge
A monochrome photograph of Rochester Bridge

It is not just buildings that have structure to them… flowers too are also structured, what with their leaves, stems and petals.

Lullingstone Castle Flower
Created using ‘Deep and Moody’ Lightroom Preset

Structure is everywhere we look, but for me as a photographer, it is architectural structure that catches my eye, especially when we have such beautiful old castles here in Kent.

Old Scotney Castle
Photograph of the moat and old castle at Scotney Castle in Kent.

I do hope you like my interpretation on the theme of structure.  So until the next challenge, happy snapping and have a great weekend.  And for those people who are in the midst of one of the worst disasters in America, with Hurricane Harvey, my condolences to the victims who have lost their lives.  I send my thoughts to all those affected and hope that you get the help to rebuild your lives once again.  I leave you with a link to the Red Cross Appeal for Hurricane Harvey Victims.

Click on Image should you wish to donate… Thank You xx

5 responses to “Structure WordPress Photo Challenge”

  1. elmdriveimages avatar

    Really fine work, Bren. Keep em comin!


  2. Shibin Dinesh avatar

    Great clicks! Nice choice for the topic!


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