Ooh, Shiny! WordPress Photo Challenge

The WordPress challenge this week is called Ooh, Shiny! and it asks what distracts you? For me it has to been raindrops on petals.. and how they glisten as the sun’s rays touches them.  Roses are a distraction for me anyway, as they are one of my favourite flowers.  And if I see a rose I just have to photograph it.

For this challenge I am using an image I processed a few days ago.. and is of a rose with raindrops on its petals which was photographed at Chartwell in Kent.. the home of the late Sir Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine.

Raindrops on Roses
A photograph of a rose taken in the rose garden at Chartwell, Kent – the former home of the late Sir Winston Churchill.

Another photograph of raindrops on roses which was photographed in the gardens of Pashley Manor. And is a photograph of a pink rose with raindrops on its petals.

Raindrop on roses from Pashley Manor
A photograph of a rose with a raindrop on its petals processed in Lightroom with the Powder Paint Effect.

I was lucky to capture this beautiful deep red rose which was within the gardens at Sheffield Park Gardens in East Sussex.

Rose from Sheffield Park Gardens
Rose of Sheffield

Beautiful roses are the sure thing to distract me especially after a rain shower.


4 responses to “Ooh, Shiny! WordPress Photo Challenge”

  1. Your editing skills are amazing. I really like how these images look.


    1. Thank you very much.


    1. Thank you very much xx


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