A collection of old photographs

Arthritis is such a pain… and lately my hands have really been hurting and I have noticed that some of my photographs have a lot of camera shake when I am using my heavy DSLR.  I love my Canon EOS70D but by the time you add a lens to the camera… boy is it heavy.  And after holding the camera for a few minutes by hands really hurt.

sonyNow I have a collection of cameras including a bridge camera, which is a Panasonic Lumix FZ-48.  The drawbacks to this camera is that it doesn’t shoot in RAW.  So until I have saved enough money to buy a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III, which does shoot raw and is lightweight, I think until the symptoms subside I will be either using my Samsung S7 or my Panasonic Camera.

Anyway today I decided to work through some old photographs that I took with my Panasonic…  and thought I would do monochrome photography with these images as I do love black and white photography.  Whether it is the deep contrast of monochrome photography that captures my eye I don’t know.  But I just love black and white photography.  Especially when it comes to processing the images.. in both Lightroom and Photoshop.  I love to use gradient maps in Photoshop; and I have a collection of Lightroom Presets that I use as a starting point when processing images in Lightroom.

Sheffield Park Gardens
Wooden bridge at Sheffield Park Gardens

The above image was one I had processed ages ago in colour, of a wooden bridge at Sheffield Park Gardens, but this black and white version is the one that I prefer.

Another image that I like the tones of is this daffodil which was taken at Chartwell in Kent.

A photograph of a daffodil taken at Chartwell

Another image from Chartwell was this rose.. which was captured during another visit to this grand home of the late Sir Winston Churchill.

Raindrops on Roses
A photograph of a rose taken in the rose garden at Chartwell, Kent – the former home of the late Sir Winston Churchill.

Local to us is the River Medway.  You get some beautiful images of the boats on the Medway from Upper Upnor near Rochester in Kent.  This photograph was one taken as one of the sailing yachts cruised down the River Medway.

Yacht on the River Medway
A photograph of a yacht on the River Medway at Upnor in Kent

For my final image I was draw to the architecture of the main house at Nymans in West Sussex.  Located within beautiful landscaped gardens, the main house looks like a fairy tale cottage.  Nymans had a devastating fire back in 1947.  And you can see the ruins of that fire.  The beautiful landscaped gardens suffered severe damage with the loss of numerous important specimen trees when the South of England suffered a hurricane back in 1987.  The great storm of 1987 not just affected Nymans but it also affected Chartwell and Sheffield Park Gardens.  And it was reported that Sheffield Park Gardens lost 50% of its trees and shrubs.

Nymans House
A monochrome photograph of the main house at Nymans in West Sussex.

Apart from being lightweight the Panasonic Lumix takes great photographs and has an excellent zoom lens on it.  As I previously stated the only downfall of this camera is that it doesn’t shoot raw.  But I will have to live with that until I get a lightweight camera.

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