Strolling around Rochester – Street Photography

A monochrome panoramic of the River Medway taken from Rochester Bridge – Strood side.

Over the weekend at Rochester in Kent was the Medieval Merriment Festival which was held in the Castle Gardens, not far from the High Street in Rochester.   With Knights in armour, and period traders, this event gave me the perfect opportunity to practice my Street Photography.

A photograph of a man at the Medieval Merriment Festival in Rochester.

And because there were tourists there I didn’t feel out-of-place with my DSLR as I strolled along the High Street taking photographs.  Mind you I was very apprehensive at times and I tried hard to be as inconspicuous as I could possibly be. 😀 😀

Rochester High Street has many café bars, and restaurants with outside seating..  which gave me the perfect opportunity to capture these lovely people deciding on what to have for lunch.

A photograph of people dining outside in Rochester High Street.

Not far from that setting, just across the road, is the High Street War Memorial which is situated within gardens in front of the Cathedral.  With women sitting there taking in the sun to young people sunbathing on the grass, that little square is full of activity at times.

Two ladies sitting on a bench admiring the Cathedral at Rochester


A photograph of two young girls sunbathing in Rochester.

Rochester is full of history and has many Victorian buildings with great architectural elements to them, which are worthy of being photographed..  I just love the walk by the Cathedral through these memorial gardens and then down through College Yard, which leads you back to the High Street.  You have excellent views of the Cathedral and the Castle, as well as plenty of places to get refreshments.

Archway at Rochester

Yes I was apprehensive and I think in some of the photos I rushed my image… but that is down to lack of confidence.. which I hope will improve over time.  But I went in head first and really should have stuck with my phone as I originally had intended to do.  But for my first outing out… I’m pleased I put my fears aside and it is just a matter of time before I hopefully will become more confident in taking photographs in the street.

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