Elemental WordPress Photo Challenge

This week’s subject for the WordPress Photo Challenge is called Elemental and WordPress asks you to explore the elements of earth, air, water and fire. For my elemental subject I decided to use water. Water can be rough and choppy or reflective and calm.  And within a bat of an eyelid elements like wind and rain can turn calm waters into the most dangerous seas ever.

From the onset of high waves at Sidmouth in Devon.

Sea Spray
A photography of waves hitting rocks at sidmouth

To the quiet waters of a lake in Cumbria

Boating at Lakeside in Cumbria

I love watching the waves roll into the shore, especially on a windy day at St Leonards in East Sussex

St Leonards on Sea

To be by the water’s edge to catch the surfer as he rides the waves of Joss Bay, is pure delight to me.

A photograph of a surfer at Joss Bay

The United Kingdom is surrounded by water.. and hosts wonderful lakes and lochs to explore.

Loch Leven
Loch Leven

As well as being the backdrop to great sunsets.

St. Leonards

Seascapes are one of the elemental things of nature that we love to photograph.  And water is a commodity that none of us can do without… we can’t survive as a planet without the element of water.



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