Next Step in Street Photography

Since I wrote my blog post yesterday about lacking confidence in doing Street Photography, the more I’ve thought about it and the more my passion for doing this type of photography has grown.  So what is my next step.

How do I approach this methodically without scaring the living daylights out of myself and talking myself out of doing street photography?

A little girl at the Rochester Sweeps Festival in 2013

Of course I will use my phone camera for a little while.. before aimlessly wandering  the streets with a DSLR snapping at whatever takes my fancy.

You see one thing we’ve never done in photography is portrait photography.  And the more I think about street photography the more it involves taking photographs of people.  Which all in all will be good practice for any photographer.  Especially when learning a new concept in photography.

Living in the Medway Towns in Kent.. I am lucky!  You see there are plenty of festivals going on during the years especially as Charles Dickens is renowned for their links to Rochester.  And Dickens is celebrated in our local area twice a year with the Dickens Festival in Summer and Christmas Dickens.

Dancers at the Rochester Sweeps Festival in May 2013.

From early Bank Holiday Monday in May we start with the Sweeps Festival at Rochester.  Which means  these types of festivals are the types of festivals where you wouldn’t look out of place with a DSLR.

With a quick Google, there are things going on everywhere during the year in Medway ranging from the Sweeps, Festival to Medieval Festivals in the Castle Gardens at Rochester.

And there are a variety of things to do, ranging from reminiscing and recapturing the days of the 1940’s at the Chatham Dockyard to Art and Music Festivals.  These to me are ideal things to concentrate on to improve my street photography.

Getting Questioned

Well the more I’ve thought about street photography, the more I realise that there are times when people are going to stop and ask what you are doing?  Which is understandable, because I know I would question someone photographing me in the street.  So to get over this problem.. I will get some business cards printed.. giving our contact details and of course a link to our website.

It seems a whole lot easier explaining you are a photographer … albeit an amateur one.., or a student learning a new concept of photography but unless you have something to give to a person then how the hell do you expect someone to take your word for it.  With most people having mobile phones, with a link to our website it will say who we are and that I am not some crazy lady with a camera.  Or the new Jane Bond in the making.   Hopefully, that will work if I’m questioned!!! 😀 😀 😀

A guided tour of the cell blocks at Alcatraz

This is getting to sound like an adventure for me.  And one I am thoroughly going to enjoy, especially when I gain my confidence.  You see today, just driving back from the wound clinic there were a couple of great opportunities to photograph people on their travels as they strolled through the streets.

Camera Settings

This is another element I am going to have to learn.. I have been reading a few blogs and plenty of tips for street photography.  And a lot of street photographers have written about what lenses they’ve used and their camera settings.  I think the two elements that you mainly have to concentrate on are shutter speed and ISO.

And I know I am going to like processing street photographs because I love highly contrasted, monochrome photos.  And I love, when processing black and white images, playing around with various gradient filters in Photoshop

Again this can’t be a bad thing, can it?  You are learning more about your camera and the settings you need to use to get the shot you desire.  And by all accounts the two lenses I mentioned yesterday are recommended by street photographers.  Which is of course a bonus… and not an expense.  Which photography often is.

It seems I am now creating an action plan…   And I can’t wait to get started.

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