No Confidence for Street Photography

A photography chum I have come to known since my journey into photography is Stacy P Fischer from Washington DC.  I got to know Stacy through her One Photo Focus Monthly Challenges and during the years I have seen her grow as a photographer and I love her work in Street Photography.  Her artistic talent is endless and truly inspirational.

Now for me, I would love to try Street Photography, but I lack confidence in picking up my camera and heading into town to photograph life on the streets.  Perhaps it is the fear of someone verbally abusing you or threatening you should they not want their photograph taken.  But I yearn to try street photography.

Whilst in America I did do some photographic shoots on the streets.. one being a classic car in a Mall in Los Angeles

Photograph of a classic car taken at a mall in Los Angeles

Throughout my photography journey I’ve never been a photographer who photographs people, either in portrait photography or landscapes.  In fact, I will go as far as saying, I will wait until everyone has walked out of the scene I want to shoot before I click the shutter button.  I felt in my comfort zone just taking photographs of flowers, castles, and landscapes.

However, we need to venture out of our comfort zones if we are to do something that has been drawing us towards… like street photography.

But where do you start?

Today I read an excellent blog post from Eric Kim on the Ultimate Guide to Street Photography.. they say:

If you are a beginner in street photography, all you need is this guide to get started. I was quite frustrated when I started street photography. I had no idea what camera to use, what settings to use, what to look for, how to approach strangers, and most of all– how to overcome my fear of shooting in the streets.

And that is exactly how I am feeling now… and longing to overcome my fear of shooting in the streets.

You see I have two great little lenses for Street Photography… my trusted nifty-fifty and my 24mm Pancake lens.. as well as my 18-55mm kit lens.

What attracts me so much to Street Photography is contrast of the black and white images.  I love monochrome photography and to me Street Photography is all about an image being black and white, telling you a story about everyday life on the streets of our towns and cities.

Whilst in the USA, I had no fear of shooting on the street, maybe because I was a tourist and nobody knew me there… and of course everyone else was doing the same.

A photograph of one of the streets in San Francisco.

But back home where do you start?  It is a whole new ball game and one that needs a hell of a lot of confidence… something that I know I am lacking.

So just to sit here and talk about it and do nothing is the easy option for me.  Getting the confidence to go out and shoot is a fear I need to overcome. So for me, to overcome my fear,  I am taking this new challenge in little steps.  I never go anywhere without my mobile phone… so instead of heading to the streets with a DSLR camera and shaking knees and trembling like a Chivers jelly… I will use my mobile phone to start taking photographs.  And hopefully by taking these small steps, my confidence will grow, so that I can then use  my DSLR out there on the streets with confidence.  I so want to photograph every day life that is buzzing around in the hustle and bustle of our streets.

So stay tuned!  Who knows what I will photograph.  But it will definitely be mission accomplished if I can overcome my fear of Street Photography.

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