Satisfaction WordPress Photo Challenge


So what is satisfaction?  For me it is when I accomplish something that I only dreamed of.  Like taking a photograph and transforming it into something else. My original image was this deep cerise flower.

Flower Shower
Weekly WordPress Challenge – Satisfication

Even though I liked the original image I wanted to create something different and the colour I had in mind was a violet shade. So I started my processing in Lightroom, where I carried out the following steps:

  • Added a Preset by Serge Ramelli called SFX: American Night Bright
  • Added a radial filter and updated the exposure and saturation.
  • Cropped the image
  • Did some Colour Noise Reduction and Luminance Smoothing
  • Added a Colour Priority vignette
  • Adjusted the tint, contrast and vibrance sliders
  • Added a deep blue and gold split tone
  • Added some brush strokes to highlight the petals.
Flower Shower
Weekly WordPress Challenge – Satisfication

Exported my image into Photoshop, where I did the following:

  • Added a texture and masked out the flower and lowered the opacity and blending mode of the texture.
  • Added a Gradient Map using the colours of the image
  • Added a Vibrance Layer

purple flower layers

  • Saved my image which imported it back into Lightroom.
Flower Shower
Weekly WordPress Challenge – Satisfication

Once my image was imported back into Lightroom I processed it either further by:

  • Increasing the exposure
  • Increasing the Highlights
  • Decreasing the clarity.
  • Adding a vignette.

Final Image

Flower Shower
Flower from Lullingstone




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