Unusual WordPress Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is called Unusual and Lignum Draco has set the following Challenge:

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, please post a photo that is unusual in some way for you, whether it be through technique, by subject, or in some other unique way. This theme is wide open to interpretation because only you know what is unusual to you.

Well as the topic is about technique I thought I would take this image of a flower, photographed by hubby:

And use the twirling technique.

Using Photoshop I used my usual twirling technique but then I merged the layers and using the transform tool flipped the image horizontal and then vertical, to create this image.  As well as changing various blending modes to create the effect.

Abstract artwork using twirl effect and photo of a blue flower.

Once I was happy with my image I saved the image and as I used Lightroom initially to send my image to Photoshop, when I saved the image it was automatically re-imported back into Lightroom.  I could have just left the image as created but I wanted to create different perspectives of the image.  And I did this by using various settings and Presets in Lightroom.


Should you wish to learn the twirling technique you can read the technique on how to twirl, which is included in this post.  You can view more examples of twirling in our Portfolio dedicated to Twirling images.

Your comments are welcome...

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