Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Customising Before View

Sometimes when I work on Photos I want to do a couple of edits, for instance a colour version and black and white… However, if you use the ‘back slash’ key to look at your before photograph it takes you back to the original image… which is great but what if you have edited your photograph and then converted it to black and white and then want to continue editing the black and white version. And you want your comparison now to be from when you converted your image to black and white.. No problem… Benjamin Warde of Lightroom Coffee Break tells you exactly how to customise your before view.

This is such a handy tip and I use it all the time… have a great weekend everyone and until next time… happy snapping!!!


  1. I just love your tips for Lightroom Bren, I look forward to all that you post. So often they are things that seem buried within LR that I would never find myself, but are so good to know and to use. A program as massive as LR or PS (Photoshop) it is hard to know exactly what to do, however seeing and or reading your posts makes the process so much easier. Love your posts! 🙂


    1. Thank you xx I have found some of these tips very useful and if it helps someone else then I am pleased. There are a lot Lightroom videos out there but sometimes you just need a 60 second video to learn something new and time-saving.


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