Bridge WordPress Photo Challenge

A bridge at the Venetian in Las Vegas

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is called Bridge.  WordPress ask you to post a photograph of a bridge.  To me, a bridge is something that takes you from one place to another.  Whether it be a void, a river, a road, or a walkway.  And for this week’s subject I decided to use a walkway as my bridge photograph.

The above photograph was shot in Las Vegas back in May 2015. When we did a whirlwind tour of the Las Vegas and West Coast of the United States.  We arrived in Las Vegas in the evening and spent three nights there.  One of my favourite hotels to visit was The Venetian.  The design of this hotel was spectacular. And as you entered the Venetian there is a replica of St Mark’s Square.  Where the ceiling of the hotel looks like floating clouds giving you the feeling of being outside.

The gambling for me was something that didn’t enthrall me and being practically dragged into hotels is something I didn’t like at all about Las Vegas.  You couldn’t walk down the strip before someone wanted you to unload your dosh in some fruit machine or gambling table.  But I have to say the evening is a buzz in Las Vegas and the hotels put on shows with their water features outside.

I liked Las Vegas for the architecture and the hotels and of course the lights… but to be perfectly honest I don’t think I would go back to Las Vegas… the constant drone of slot machines and being dragged into hotels was too much for me.  But I have to say it was an experience and one that I am glad I took.

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