Delta WordPress Photo Challenge

Well I am still trying to catch up and last week’s WordPress Photo Challenge called Delta and WordPress asks you to share a picture that symbolizes transitions, change, and the passing of time. For me there is nothing up change going on with our coastlines here in the UK.  What with coastal erosion and rock slides.

And to think it was not far from this photograph only last month at Birling Gap near the Seven Sisters there were three rock slides within 2 days.  One woman lost her life due to one collapse, which is tragic within itself; but people are still taking the risk walking close to the cliff edge.  Which not only puts their lives in danger but also those who have to rescue them.

Our coastline here in the South is changing rapidly and we all need to take care and pay attention to signs that warn us of the dangers.

You can view more photographs from Birling Gap by visiting our Portfolio Page.

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