Tutorial – Exporting to WordPress directly from Lightroom

Now I am all for saving time… and if I can upload images to Social Media and my blog without having to first save the image on my computer … all the better.  Now to be able to publish directly to WordPress from Lightroom you must have a WordPress.com account and of course a blog.  Now it doesn’t matter if you are a self-hosted blog, providing you link your self-hosted blog is linked to your WordPress.com account via the Jetpack plugin.  You have to have Jetpack installed and running on your blog to be able to send your images directly to WordPress from Lightroom.

Download the Plugin

  1. Download the Plugin from WordPress.com (LINK)
  2. Extract the contents of the zipped folder you have just downloaded.

Lightroom Plugin Manager

  • In the Library Module Select File and Plugin Manager

  • This will bring up the Plug-in Manager Box

  1. Select Add and then Locate the wordpress.com.lrplugin Folder in your extracted files and follow the instructions on the screen.
  2. Once you have selected that folder and installed the plugin select Done.

Note:  Lightroom uses the location of your WordPress.com.lrplugin Folder each time Lightroom is loaded so just a quick tip place all your Plugins into a single Folder on your Hard-Drive.  As I use an external hard-drive for all my work I have created a plugin Folder on that hard-drive and that is where I store all my Lightroom Plugins.  Should you move this particular folder for any reason your plugin will NOT work.

That is your Plugin installed in Lightroom… now to set up a Preset so that you can send your images directly to WordPress.

Setting up WordPress Preset

  • Select File Export

  • This will bring up the Export Box

  • Then Select WordPress from the Drop Down Menu next to the Words Export To:

  • Now you will have to Authorise your WordPress.com Account so click on Log In

  • This will bring up a box which asks you to authorise the Plugin  – Select Authorise

  • You will then be taken to a Web Browser page where you authorise WordPress

  • Click on Approve and then you will be asked to Switch Applications – Select Yes

  • This will take you back into Lightroom and you are now signed into WordPress via Lightroom.  Select the Blog you want to upload your images to.

  • As you can see I have selected RyanPhotography

  • Then go through the boxes and select your Image Size – I set mine to 1000 px – Whether or not you want your images watermarked and Output Sharpening

  • Your next task is to save your Settings as a New Preset – Because this will make it easier to Export further images to WordPress.  To save your Preset – Select Add underneath the Preset Box and then Name your Preset.  Further instructions on creating Presets can be found here.
  1. Once you have created your Preset then click on Export and your image will be uploaded to your media library on your WordPress site.
  2. To send further images to WordPress you can select singular or multiple images in the Library Module and right click – select Export and then click on your WordPress Preset in the Export Menu.

Installation Instructions can also be found at WordPress.Com.

I do hope this tutorial has helped you and I hope you find exporting your images to WordPress from Lightroom a Godsend like I do.  Because to me the benefits of sending my images directly to WordPress saves a lot of computer space on my Hard-Drive.

Until next time … have a good bank holiday everyone xx

5 thoughts on “Tutorial – Exporting to WordPress directly from Lightroom

    1. Hi Helen… I don’t know if you can.. I have looked on WordPress.com site and they don’t seem to have a plugin for Photoshop. Have a good bank holiday xx


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