Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflecting

Well the revamping of the blog is going well and I am thoroughly enjoying reworking all photographs. Well with time spare on my hands I now have the opportunity to enter this week’s photo challenge called Reflecting.  Reflections are everywhere and the reflections that I love mostly are the reflections in water…  Whether it be buildings on a still river.  Or street lights reflecting in a puddle.

So for this week’s challenge I picked a photograph we shot way back in 2012, when we first took up photography.

Reflections on the Water

The photograph was taken at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent and Sissinghurst is one of the Portfolio subject that I will be revamping in the near future, but I thought this photograph with the tree reflections really reflected the theme of this week’s challenge (pardon the pun 😀 😀 )

We have visited Sissinghurst Castle a few times.. and I would like to revisit again, now that I can move around better… hip is fine but the PMR is still in full swing along with the arthritic hands but Photography for me is an escape from all those little niggles of life.

The WordPress Weekly Challenge is a one that I enjoy submitting photographs to.  And I love viewing how other participants interpret the theme for the week.  Plus looking at how people have processed their photographs, gives you inspiration and a chance to try something new in your photography.

Until Friday when I will post again with a weekly tip for either Photoshop or Lightroom, I will say bye for now and happy snapping.

Your comments are greatly appreciated

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