Earth day, a weekly WordPress Photo Challenge

Earth Day was on Saturday and unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to go out and photograph any new places, which is more the pity.  But by luck I am still in the process of processing photographs from our Easter Weekend trips firstly to Ashenbank Woods and then Hole Park.

Our Countryside is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen.. especially in spring and summer.  However on saying that on a sad note people don’t take care of our countryside and wooded areas.  For some they are just dumping grounds.  Places to leave your rubbish.  And it costs us, the taxpayer, millions to deal with clearing sites especially those affected by fly-tipping.

Even in the beautiful setting of our woodland someone left a water bottle at the base of this tree where the stump edges into the path.  Which with the powers of Lightroom I have managed to remove.

Ashenbank Woods near Cobham in Kent

Taking the image just one step further in Photoshop, I decided to add a texture and a rain overlay.  As well as playing around with brushes that create puddle effects on the path.

April Shower to Ashenbank Woods

Honestly I am not sure if I like it or not, but Photoshop is about learning and trying new things.  Whether they turn out right or wrong.  And this is one of those photos when I look more and more at it.. I am becoming more undecided.

I even tried the old trick of leaving the image for a couple of hours and looking at it… and still I was undecided.  Talk about having to make decisions.

Another photograph that I thought I would include in this Earth Day is a photograph taken at Hole Park in Rolvenden and is of man-made gardens with flowers in borders that encourage wildlife, bees and insects that make our gardens beautiful.

A photograph of one of the brick build arches at Hole Park in Rolvenden in Kent.

For me Earth Day has to mean, that each and every one of us take responsibility for our planet.  We each have a duty to give the planet back all that we take at times.  And we must not take our planet for granted. We need to think about the future and how we deal with the ozone layer, the decline in Bee populations as well as taking responsibility for keeping our green areas clean.

Because when we get to the stage where there is no turning back; that day becomes the day when our planet is doomed and none of us will be celebrating Earth Day.


7 thoughts on “Earth day, a weekly WordPress Photo Challenge

  1. Bren: NOTE! Some of your posts are not loading onto my Nook HD at this point. Have you had any other followers experiencing this? The note says, “PAGE NOT FOUND.”


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