Weekly Photo Challenge Surprise

Cow from Hole Park

Another week and another challenge and this week’s photo challenge set by WordPress is called Surprise.  Of course there was nothing like a surprise cow who wanted to make friends and taste my lens.  Within the grounds of Hole Park near Rolvenden was a field with a herd of cows in it.

As we strolled around the gardens and the wooded area we could see this herd of cows charging across the field, and I really thought by the time we get back to this field they would be off again in the distance.

However my thoughts were unfounded because as we strolled back towards the walled gardens, this herd of cows was by the fence and attracting many visitors.

We strolled over towards cows and found that they were really friendly… in fact one of them took quite a liking to my camera lens.

Luckily I pulled back just in time before he got to the lens.  I was surprised at how close they let us get to them.  The really enjoyed the attention that the visitors gave them.  Whether they thought ‘here comes lunch’ I don’t know!  But as quick as they ran over that field from the distance to meet and greet the visitors they were not in any hurry to return to where they came from.

Nature is a wonderful thing… and animals make our trips out just that little bit special.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Surprise

  1. Bren, when my children were small, we obtained two cows and a dozen chicken for our country home experience. Those darn cows! They would get into our yard, which was closed off from the pasture, and join us for cook outs. One ate an entire lemon, for oysters, in one slurp! LOL
    The image is great! I like the presentation.
    Thank you so much!


    1. That has made me laugh Su, they have such characters, and talk about hustling each other out of the way of the camera. It was funny to watch.


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