Topaz Remask… just can’t believe it.


Now I love Lightroom and the majority of my work’s carried out in Lightroom.  However, Lightroom does have its limitations and one of those limitations is that you can’t work with layers or add textures to your images.  So Photoshop is my number photo editing software that I turn to when adding textures.  But what I hate about Photoshop is the time involved when having to use masks. You know the process,  selecting elements and then refining the masks.  Anyway the other day I watched a video from Blake Rudis of f64 Academy about Topaz Remask.

Honestly, I just couldn’t believe how easy he made it look!  And as Topaz, Labs this week, are having a 40% off sale for Spring.. (link in sidebar – just enter SPRING40 in voucher code box) I just couldn’t resist buying Topaz Remask.

Like the subject in the video, the little owl above was photographed against a bright blue wall.  And boy was it easy to mask him out with Topaz Remask.  The software is simple to use, and does a great job.  You don’t have to worry about being precise.  You just paint the areas red that you don’t want, green for the areas you want to keep; and then use blue around the edges of your subject.   The blue markings tell Remask that these are the areas I want you to pay particular attention to and mask out.  When finished just select Computer Mask and the job is done.

In the above image I added a couple of textures and used a powder paint effect with a gradient background reflecting the colours from my textures added.

The Topaz Remask algorithm does all the hard work of computing the mask.  Of course, this allowed me  to carry on editing my image without getting stressed over trying to make quick selections. You know when you select something and then you have to add to that selection or subtract from that selection when using the Photoshop tools only.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I get rather frustrated with this process of masking subjects.  But now with the power of Remask all my frustrations over selecting subjects have just flown out of the window.  Yes there will be times, I suspect, when a little refinement maybe necessary in Topaz Remask.  But after watching the videos on Topaz Remask it seems a lot easier refining the mask than it does in Photoshop.

Thank you Topaz.  And thank you Jambs Owls for allowing me to photograph your wonderful owls.

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