Drag and Drop Panels in Lightroom

Now you all know how much I harp on about loving Lightroom, well!!  There is only one thing I wish Adobe would change.. that is the order of their panels in the Develop Module or give you the ability to drag and drop the panels as per your workflow schedule and the order you do things in Lightroom.

The most important three panels when working on an image, for me, are the Camera Calibration Panel and Lens Correction Panel.  And guess what one is at the bottom and the other is the sixth one down.  These two panels are the panels that most people go to first before they do any adjustments on their photograph.  Another panel used widely is the Transform Panel.

And again I wish this panel could be placed before the Basic Panel.  In most images you really can’t see how bad the lens profile correction is… especially if it is a landscape photograph with various rocks, mountains and trees in the distance and the elevation of each element of your photograph has different altitudes.  But when it comes to seascapes or anything with an horizon that is so predominant then you really need to get the horizon straight before you do any work on your image.

My workflow always starts out with Camera Calibration, Lens Corrections, and Transform. Once I have these three panels set to how I want them.. it gives me the chance to decide whether I want to continue processing the image.  At times we can’t use a tripod or wait for people to pass.  Or we can’t get to a place to get the best shot possible, especially with architectural buildings, so the transform panel is an asset.  There is nothing like working on an image and then finding when you achieved everything you need you go to the Transform Panel and your composition is totally wrong and you’ve lost part of what you wanted to capture when you go to get your buildings perspective straight.

Take this image for instance (which is a 3 shot hdr – merged in Lightroom before any corrections)

You can clearly see how skew-whiff the horizon was.  And just by enabling the Lens Correction automatically the horizon became straight

Basic edits, white balance, exposure etc enhance an image, but!  You need to get the basics correct before you start enhancing your image.  Horizons are my bugbear… I can’t stand skew-whiff horizons or images where you can clearly see distortion.  And when working on an image, for me, the perspective has to be correct.  Whether I do further work in the Transform Panel is just another part editing for me.  But I like to work on editing an image.. with the correct perspective.  I am still working on the above image.. and will post the image when finished.

Adobe Request

So please Adobe… give us the ability to drag and drop panels in your different modules of Lightroom.  And if you can’t do it for all panels in Lightroom; at least let us have this option in the Develop Module. Perhaps you could ask users? Would they prefer to have the Lens Correction Panel, Camera Calibration Panel and Transform panels before the Basic Panel? Like I want.

Final Image


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