Processing of A Fallen Tree at Ashenbank Woods

Fallen tree at Ashenbank Woods in Kent.

I thought I would give you a guide into the processing I did on the above image.  I knew in my mind I wanted to create a soft but saturated image of a fallen tree at Ashenbank Woods near Cobham.  As I was adding a slight texture to my image, I knew I would be using Photoshop – so I broke down my workflow into three stages.

Lightroom Stage One

  • Camera Calibration Panel
    • Camera Landscape
  • Lens Correction Panel
    • Enabled Lens Profile
    • Remove Chromatic Abberation
  • Basic Panel
    • Highlights -50
    • Shadows +14
    • Contrast 17
    • Vibrance +19
    • White Clipping -19
    • Black Clipping -21
  • Edit image in Photoshop
One of the trees that has fallen at Ashenbank Woods near Cobham Kent.


Photoshop Stage One

  • Duplicated Layer
  • Added Texture – Overlay Blending Mode 100% (Courtesy of Kerstin Frank)
  • Used Nik Color Efex Filter Plugin – to give a soft focus to the image.
  • Photo Filter Adjustment Layer – with a layer mask so filter only affected trees
  • Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer – again using same layer mask as Photo Filter Layer Mask – decreased density of mask
  • Merged layers using SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+E
  • Added surface Blur – Multiply Blending Mode 8%
  • Merged layers using SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+E
  • Made selection so only the outer edges were selected and duplicated this layer by CTROL+J
  • Changed Blending Mode to Multiply with 24% opacity
  • Added a light leak layer changed Blending Mode to Soft Light with 7% opacity
  • Saved image which was imported back into Lightroom
One of the trees that has fallen at Ashenbank Woods near Cobham Kent.


Lightroom Stage Two

  • Radial Filters
    • Added 5 radial filters to certain parts of the images to lighten certain elements of the image – Used 0.60 Exposure
  • Effects Panel
    • Added Post-Crop Vignette of -24
  • Basic Panel
    • Changed Black Clipping to +31
    • Contrast to +21
    • Clarity to -21
Fallen tree at Ashenbank Woods in Kent.


Most of the processing I could have achieved in Lightroom alone, using the adjustment brush but I knew I wanted to add a texture so I used a texture from my collections which is courtesy of  Kerstin Frank who is on Flickr.  If you are into textures, her work is superb.. I just love how she combines her textures with her images.  A Great Artist.



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