There it stood – one lonely daffodil…

Initial Image

To keep myself out of mischief today I decided to play around with a singular daffodil that was photographed in the greenhouse of Hall Place in Bexley. And believe it or not it is of a miniature daffodil.

Miniature daffodils taken at Hall Place Greenhouse

I wanted to enhance the colours of this singular daffodil to make the petals a more vibrant orange colour.. so in order to do that I used Lightroom.  I then edited my image after my Lightroom Adjustments in Photoshop.

In Photoshop – Phase One

  • Duplicated layer
  • Added a grey texture – changed blending mode to Multiply and lowered Opacity to 64%
  • On this layer I used a layer mask with a soft brush and low opacity to remove the texture from the daffodil
  • Duplicated layer changed blending mode to lighten and increased the density of the layer mask
Daffodil after texture
Photoshop Edits – initial image
After Texture

In Photoshop – Phase Two

  • Merged all visible layers by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+E
  • Duplicated Layer
  • Used Topaz Impression 2 Plugin to create a Paint Effect – lowered opacity of layer to 73%
  • Merged all visible layers by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+E
  • On this layer I used the eclipse marquee tool and made a selection… in the select and mask options I created a feather to this mask and then inverted the selection and pressed CONTROL+J which duplicated my layer.  Giving the centre of the image a transparent background.  I changed this layer blending mode to Multiply and 10% opacity.
Daffodil after Topaz Impression
Photoshop Edits Topaz Impression Filter
After Topaz Impression

In Photoshop  Phase Three

  • Merged all visible layers by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+E
  • Used Nik Color Efex Plugin to add punch to the daffodil and and to soften the image.
Daffodil after Nik Color Efex
Photoshop Edits – Color Efex Filter
After Topaz Impression + Color Effex

Note – At each stage of my edits… as I had used Lightroom initially to edit my photo in Photoshop… I used File – Save As and named each stage.  By doing this when I went back to Lightroom to Export all my edits to WordPress – I had each stage as a separate image in Lightroom. 

Back in Lightroom

  • Lowered the clarity
  • Boosted the exposure slightly
  • Softened the edges
  • Added a Vignette
Final Image with Lightroom Adjustments

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