WPC – Dense – A field of Daffodils

A field of Daffodils at Doddington Place

Another week and another WordPress Photography Challenge, this week the top is Dense.  Density can come in many forms, and in various objects.  Glass can also be dense , even to the point that you can’t see through it… A woodland might be dense with trees that you can’t see sky. And in the photograph above this grassy area was full of daffodils.It was so dense that you couldn’t even walk to the trees without treading on the daffodils.  I love spring time.. the sun shines, the weather gets warmer and the spring flowers start to bring colour to our gardens.  Daffodils, tulips and crocuses are signs that summer is just around the corner.  I adore Spring with its beauty.


To the original image I added a texture to the whole photograph and added a sun-flare to highlight the daffodils in the corner.  Again for the vignette I used Matt Kloskowski’s method of adding a vignette in Photoshop.  Which I wrote about in my Weeping Willow Post.

Weekly Photo Challenges

I love taking part in these weekly challenges that WordPress curate.. and should you wish to enter an image.. just mosey on over to the WordPress Topics and select a challenge you want to submit a photograph to.  I am sure there is a topic that might interest you.  Taking part in photo challenges if you are new to blogging, especially photographic blogs, is a way of increasing your site traffic as well as getting other people to see your images.  As well as being fun to do.

Have a good weekend everyone… and happy snapping !!!


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