WPC – It is easy being green.. when your a weeping willow tree

I must remember that the Weekly Photo Challenge set by WordPress has moved from Friday to Wednesday.. anyway this week’s topic is about being Green. Green is everywhere, in landscape and floral photography.. so this week’s images were easy to find. Especially when it came to a weeping willow tree.

My first two images are flowers where the stems and leaves are green..

Yellow Flowers
Purple flowers

For my last image into this challenge it has to be a photograph of the Weeping Willow tree the straddles the banks of the River Cray at Hall Place in Bexley

Weeping Willow- Hall Place

Adding a Vignette in Photoshop – Applied to the Weeping Willow tree above.

Now I don’t know if any of you follow Matt Kloskowski on YouTube.. but if you don’t I highly recommend you do so.  He has such wonderful tips for both Lightroom and Photoshop and yesterday I watched one of his videos where he explained how to do a wonderful vignette in Photoshop

It is explained at roughly 9.41 minutes into the video but I would recommend watching the whole video, because he goes into depth about dodging and burning as well as sharpening both in Lightroom and Photoshop.

The steps for this vignette method are:

  1. Open image in Photoshop
  2. Using the Eclipse Marquee Tool make a selection of what you want to define by the vignette
  3. Go to Select and Mask, add a feather to the selection and play around with the shift edge if needed. Click OK when happy
  4. Go to Select in the menu and select Inverse
  5. Then press CTL +J (PC) – CMD+J (mac) this will duplicate the select onto a new layer.
  6. Change layer mode to Multiply
  7. Lower the Opacity of the layer.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

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