WPC – Path – Wooden Bridge Over the Coe

Wooden Bridge
Wooden bridge – Glencoe

Whilst looking back over previous photo challenges that WordPress curates and I found one called Path. A path comes in many shapes and forms, like the image above. Which is of a wooden bridge.  A path is made by using different materials that enable a person to walk across an area with ease.  It could be concrete, decking, timber planks, paving slabs or even shingle.  A path will lead you from one place to another.

The above photograph was taken back in July 2016 when we visited Scotland for our annual holiday.  And this wooden bridge was a pathway over the River Coe in the woodland area of Glencoe at Red Squirrel Campsite.

For this particular image again I used my Powder Paint Effect but this time I removed the outline box that I normally use.  Within Photoshop I played around with gradients, photo filters as well as colour lookups.  As per my usual workflow, this image originated in Lightroom.  With Lightroom edits finished I then processed the image in Photoshop to get the Powder Paint Effect.

Once I finished my edits in Photoshop, I saved the filed and imported it back into Lightroom for further edits.

Camera Raw

I know a lot of my workflow’s done in Lightroom, which is a supped up version of Camera Raw.  However my preference for editing a photograph has to be Lightroom.  I know with  both programs you can do exactly the same edits and do the same effect to an image.  But there is something about Lightroom that I find easier to use.  I only use Camera Raw within Photoshop when it is a necessity.  Otherwise I always work in Lightroom.

For me Lightroom is my first port of call.  I don’t know about you but if I can get away without having to use Photoshop I will.  But due to the style of editing I am doing lately I have to use Photoshop as Lightroom doesn’t allow you to blend two images together, or allows you to work in layers.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that feature, one day, became part of Lightroom – the ability to work in layers.

Do you have a preference when editing your images?  Is it Lightroom or Camera Raw?  I would love to hear your thoughts on which one you use when editing photos and the reasons why you find that particular piece of software easier to work with.

Your comments are welcome...

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