The Moat – Eltham Palace Gardens

Eltham Palace Moat


The Moat - Eltham Palace Gardens
A photograph of the moat at Eltham Palace Gardens

One of the places we love to visit is Eltham Palace Gardens in London.. which is owned and maintained by the English Heritage… The Palace is surrounded by a moat, with two of moat being water and the other two sides being formal gardens…

To gain access to the Palace you have to cross a stone bridge and the above photograph was taking whilst standing on that bridge looking down at the moat.

Even though I liked the above photograph purely processed in Lightroom; I wanted to take it a step further and decided to process the image in Photoshop using Topaz Texture Effects 2 and Topaz Impression.

Eltham Palace Moat
A photograph of the moat at Eltham Palace Gardens processed in Lightroom and Topaz Texture Effects 2

What I liked above using the Topaz Texture Effects 2 was that it gave more definition to the tree branches and trunks as well as the sky.  I didn’t want a heavy texture applied to the image as I wanted the texture to add subtle hints of texture. The above image is straight from Photoshop without adding any further edits in Lightroom.

Eltham Palace Moat
The moat at Eltham Palace Gardens

The above is the final image after adding Topaz Impression 2 to the image… I love the paint effect and I added some dodging and burning using radial filters in Lightroom to give the image a feeling of there being many light sources.

Even though I love all three images my favourite is the painted effect image created by Topaz Impression 2… and I am quite pleased with the effect these plugins gave the image especially when you add the image to a frame.

The Moat - Impression - Framed - IMG_6385

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