Lightroom Quick Tip – Scaling


Leeds Castle Bridge
Bridge that leads you into the entrance of Leeds Castle

Have you ever taken a photograph and wished you could have got closer to the subject?  Or you wish that you could crop the image without losing the original size of the image?  Well here is a quick tip for Lightroom Users..

Scaling ImageUnder the Transform Panel in the Develop Module, there are a set of sliders that allow you to scale you image to 150 and you can also move your scaling around by using the x and y sliders.

With regards to the above image.. I scaled my image to 125 played around with the x and y sliders until I achieved the look I was looking for… and by doing this I kept the original dimensions of my photograph.  Whereas if I had cropped the image to get the composition I wanted it would have decreased my image size, from 5472 x 3648 pixels to 4621 x 3080 pixels.

As you can see from the original photograph… there were elements I didn’t want to keep, as I didn’t want the viewer to be distracted by all the greenery and I wanted this image to focus primarily on the Bridge and Gate House.

Leeds Castle
A photograph of the bridge that leads you into the entrance of Leeds Castle

I hope this little tip helps you out… try scaling your image before using the crop tool.. and that will hopefully keep your image as close as it can be to the original image size… very helpful if you have to upload to certain sites… like 500px.

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