Photographic Style and a Landscaped Garden


Landscaped Gardens
A photograph of the landscape gardens at Great Comp Garden in Kent.

When you think of a panoramic photograph you think of a landscape orientated photograph looking from left to right.. but sometimes you need to go the other way… and Lightroom will easily merge a panoramic going from top to bottom.

The above photograph was taken at Great Comp Gardens near Sevenoaks in Kent and was of the landscaped gardens looking back towards the house.  I couldn’t believe how tall that tree was… it dwarfed the little bench… so for that shot I decided to take a panoramic from top to bottom and then merge them in Lightroom.



As you can see from the SOOC shots… the sky was dismal.. no clouds, no sun and to be honest I knew I had to do something to that sky..  As you many have gathered I love textures so I used Topaz Texture Effects 2 to create a texture for the sky.. then I finished editing in Lightroom to get my final image.

Photographic Style

I don’t know about you… but I do love the coffee/cream/deep and moody style of photography… especially when I am processing a photograph… I suppose that is becoming my favourite style of editing.

Each photographer has a specific way of editing photographs.. and each photographer has their own style… We can draw inspiration from each other’s work… and try new techniques..  so I was wondering this… if we copy an idea is it plagiarism or inspiration?  Where do you draw the line?

I can understand why some people don’t want to go through the steps they use in their workflow in creating an image, especially if someone else copied that work-flow and decided to profit from it… but then I think where would I be today if every photographer felt like that.

I couldn’t have afforded to keep paying for online courses.. and the photographers that run blogs, and YouTube channels where they do tutorials for free have been a great starting point and asset for me in my learning of post-processing an image.  I have learnt so much from these photographers.  And I will be eternally grateful to them for providing hours upon hours of free tuition.

Through their hard work and generosity… I have learnt Lightroom, Photoshop (well enough to get me by 😀 ), Topaz Labs, On1, Photomatix and Nik.  I have learnt shortcuts, how to mask, how to tone and so much more.

I learnt by using someone else’s style and making it my own.

If someone wants to copy my style of editing a photograph.. I truly believe that I would feel humbled.. that they liked my style?  Would you feel the same?  Or would you be annoyed at being copied and would you want them to take their image down if they copied your idea or style of editing?

Your comments are welcome...

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