One Photo Focus – November

Photography by Julie Powell edited by RyanPhotography

Already it is that time of month where we participate in a Photo Challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing.  Lately I have been working a lot with textures and as soon as I saw this photograph I thought ‘texture’.  And for this challenge I wanted to try something new… I wanted to see if I could do a reasonable edit with only using Lightroom Mobile and Apps on my Tablet.

My processing method was as follows:

  • Import Image into Lightroom Mobile and playing around with the settings.
  • Crop image
  • Save work to ‘Gallery’ on my Tablet
  • Using an app called ‘Photo-Layers’ I first off all added a texture as the background layer…
  • Then I added the Photo as a new layer and lowered the opacity so that the texture came through.
  • After saving and using the ‘Gallery Editing Features’ on my tablet I added a creative preset.
  • Before saving I added a small vignette.

Now I found the process rather time consuming.. and Lightroom Mobile on Android is rather Limited… because you can’t add radial filters or graduated filters… But I am rather pleased with the final image.. even though it has had no local adjustments made to it.


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