The power of texture

Nyman Walk
A photograph of one of the paths that winds through the estate at Nymans in West Sussex

It was cold, it was murky and the sky was absolutely dreadful.. it was dismal and there wasn’t any clouds that gave drama to the sky… but even with the sky as dismal as it was.. I still liked the photo… so what do I do with it?  Of course, at a texture and use Topaz Texture Effects 2 to create the sky I wanted.  Here is my processing technique for this photograph..

  • Opened image in Lightroom,
  • Exported Image to Photoshop
  • Removed lone twig in sky with spot removal
  • Removed object in the middle of the path
  • Tided up image with spot removal tool
  • Filled in the path so it was all shingle looking.
  • Duplicated Layer and changed blending mode Overlay 50% Opacity
  • Added a Colour Lookup Adjustment Layer
  • Added a Hue and Saturation Layer and played around with the colours to enhance the fall colours.
  • Edited the Photo in Topaz Texture Effects and added a texture to the sky.
  • Saved image back into Lightroom
  • Added a Preset which added many little lights created by radial filters, to the photograph
  • Deleted the radial filters I did not want
  • Used the Local Adjustment Brush to add adjustments to the trees and add a blue tint to the sky.
  • Auto straightened the photo
  • Played around with basic settings
  • Added gradient filters to the top and sides, which decreased the brightness and added a coloured tone to them.
  • Added gradient filter to lighten the bottom of the photograph.
  • Exported to hard drive.

Here is the image SOOC



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