Bateman House – Rework

A photography of Bateman house in East Sussex.

Today in my email inbox came an email from the curator of the A.C.M.C Flickr Group inviting me to join the group and post one of my photos taken of Bateman House the home of the late Rudyard Kipling taken way, way back when we first started out on our photography journey back in 2012 (photo above).

It was taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ-48 bridge camera.. and shot in jpeg.. and was created by merging two different exposures together.

Looking back on the Photograph on our Flickr Page there were a couple of small distractions which I removed in Photoshop.. one being a red holder on the bench on the far right-hand side and a green trash bin located by one of the trees.  Other than removing these items and adding a couple of radial filters.. I did nothing else to the photograph other than some small minor adjustments to the highlights, shadows, contrast and exposure.

A photography of Bateman house in East Sussex.

I then decided to have a look at what a coloured image would look like.. so I then added a Preset which I have created using the different settings from two presets.  One Preset which I created myself and the other was a free Preset from Serge Ramelli, which gave me the western looking tones..

Batemans House
A photograph of the rear of Bateman’s House in East Sussex, processed using GREYCstoration.

I wanted to create an oil paint effect with this photograph but unfortunately on this desktop I can’t get the filter to work.. no matter what I try… anyway I downloaded a plug-in called GREYCstoration and used that… it is not as good as oil paint… but I suppose I will have to live with that.. until I find the cause of the filter not working on this PC.

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